Exhibit A : About Me

The number one thing you need to know about me is that I’m always up for a challenge. I like to push myself, and ultimately “prove people wrong” — doing things that they might not expect me to be able to do. I wonder if it’s a result of being bullied as a child (being a nerdy redhead will do that to you lol), but ultimately, I think this feistiness and drive is just in my nature.

Exhibit: I decided to start sewing at the age of 7 and made a dress by myself within a few days.

Exhibit: I…

Most women can recall being force-fed the fantasy of the modern french woman — a jeune fille who eats baguette with brie for lunch and dinner, drinks a healthy glass of red wine a day and has impeccable Futuredew worthy skin despite fostering a chain smoking habit. I was recently sifting through an article by Refinery 29 on this very topic and began pondering on why modern culture has taken the je ne sais quoi of the French woman to heart.

In a culture filled with discipline, diets and deadlines (the triple D threat, of course), the laissez faire attitude…

Given the psychographic segment I fall under, I am without a doubt considered a Digital Native, defined as an individual raised in a digital, media-saturated world. Born in 1997, I experienced my teenage years as Facebook was in full swing, Instagram was just starting out and YouTube was privy to some of the most iconic content creators that have graced the platform thus far. This also meant that the concept of influencer was just commencing, although it certainly was not as well defined as it is today.

My initial touchpoints with the influencer movement included following the original fashion &…

My dad is a die-hard Levi’s fan. He is so committed to sporting this single brand of jeans that he wears each pair until it literally begins to fall apart (at my mother’s incredible dismay), at which point it becomes the garment most often used for completing gardenwork and tasks around the house.

Nonetheless, my father is the type of repeat-purchaser, loyal customer traditional brands would die for. He’s the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, no-nonsense retail buyer that will purchase regardless of trends. However, as brands vie for the wallet share of millennials — and now generation…

From sifting through my grandmother’s closet to collecting every single Vogue magazine while growing up, I have long dreamt of participating in the fashion and beauty industries. When I landed my first internship at a major fashion brand, I was ecstatic to finally uncover the inner workings of this glamorous, unique world. However, it wasn’t long before my perception of my own place in the industry was skewed by an encounter with a group of women working at a professional services firm I would soon become closely acquainted with. While dressing them for a fashion show, we began to discuss…

Note that all the examples used are my own work from various presentations and case competitions. Any references to estbalished companies were made for the purpose of the various assignments.

(1) Use a Sans Serif Font

The first step to creating a beautiful PowerPoint is using a font that is attractive to the eye. As a quick overview, serif fonts have little “strokes” on the endpoints of the letters (think of Times New Roman) vs sans serif fonts, which don’t (like Arial or Calibri).

Although both serif and sans serif fonts are easy to read and can be used in most presentations, there is a clear…

Tamara Belair

Customer Experience & Marketing Consultant | Montréal

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